A little bit about this page and motivation

The goal

The purpose of this web page is to make the team searching process a bit less painful.

If you are not lucky enough to have 5 real life friends who enjoy playing dota 2 as much as you do, then you are forced to find a team through different means. Most common way is to search with internet, or more precicely through different kinds of forums. If you have ever tried to find a team this way, you are probably aware how hard that process can be. The process of trying out for a team, or forming a team and searching for teammates is extremely time consuming, and often frustrating, both for the team recruiting, and for the player applying. Also there are always much more players searching for a team, then there are teams searching for players. So why wouldn't these random players form a team themself, instead of searching for a team? Well this application allows just that. All you have to do is fill out the basic information about yourself, and information concerning what you are looking for in a team, and press search. If there are 4 players in a search pool whose requirements you meet, and they meet your requirements you will automatically form a team. After that you will get contact information of all your teammates, and that is all, everything else is left to 5 of you. Maybe you'll win the next International, maybe you'll disband after a week.

How to use

There are 2 ways to use this application.


The motivation for building this app was mostly because I felt it could be useful to many people. I don’t have much experience in web development, so it was also a good exercise, and opportunity to learn something new. This application was built with Microsoft's MVC 5.